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I’m Not an “Influencer”: But, everyone has an audience.

Guest Post for Ampt The Brand


When I think of influencer marketing, I immediately think of flat tummy teas, teeth whiteners, and most recently, sticky phone cases. I won’t share if I actually purchased any of the above items to spare you from judging me. But, I will share my observations on how the average user can inadvertently identify their own market. Speaking to my own experience, I hadn’t really deemed myself an influencer, mainly due to my follower count. Some days, I wonder what it’s like to have 50,000 people watching you live your best life on Instagram. Other days, I’m actually okay with my friends flooding my comments with heart-eye emojis. Nonetheless, I learned a little something about micro-influencers after documenting my trip to Havana, Cuba.



If you know anything about me, you’ll learn that I love a quick flight out of town. The ongoing grind as a full-timer and side-hustler often inspires a daydream for my next adventure. Exploring Cuba through food, art, and Cohibas isn’t something abnormal for me to do. While my trip was filled with discovery, I’d be surprised how I garnered over 500 likes on one picture with only 1500 followers.

I’m an avid believer that everyone has some sort of influence. However, micro-influencers have trust. Beyond impressions and reach (which are important), organic engagement is earned because audiences see the person more than just the brand. I’m sure to my followers I’m a number of things. But I’m always one of their coolest homegirls with eccentric taste and a spunky attitude.

We’ve evolved into a space where influencer marketing commercially attractive. Rather than viewing it as a tactic, it should fundamentally be a part of a marketing framework. Marketing should establish relationships, build trust, and communicate value at scale or even through niche audiences. Marketing should simply influence.

To be quite frank, I still have 100K followers listed as one of my life goals. Between the numerous comments on my chic outfits and international itinerary, it’s safe to say my opinion matters to my audience. At this point, I’m not sure if my followers would believe my flat tummy tea endorsement. However, the cool part about being a “micro-influencer” is that instead of followers, I have fans. And honestly, I think you’d probably be one of them too.