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26 Things I Learned by 26

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26 is an awkward number. You’re slightly young enough to not give a ____ but old enough to know that you can’t doge student loans much longer. Nonetheless, here’s what’ I’ve learned:

1.       Keep a notebook on you at all times.
That idea you had while you were walking just popped in your head will no longer exist if you “write it down later.” 

2.       Your purse should have a least headphones, deodorant, hand sanitizer, lip gloss, and lotion to survive life.
Wallet and phone go without saying.

3.       You can’t run from Navient.
Even if she changed her name.

Source: Branden Miller Instagram

Source: Branden Miller Instagram

4.       Happy Hours add up.

5.       Drink water.

6.       Take social media breaks
Social media can inflate perception and create a false sense of reality. Fall back and be happy without the likes.

7.       If you want your clothes to last, hang them up and bring them to the dry cleaners.
And stop buying $20 shoes from SheInside, bro. It's not worth it. #AdSenseSwindle

8.       Wine and movies on Friday nights are just as turnt as throwing it in a circle.

Source: Giphy

Source: Giphy

9.       Apologize for your actions, not for someone else's feelings.
Example: "I'm sorry you feel that way" is not an apology.

10.   Pacing yourself doesn’t mean you’re not hustling.

11.   Google and relationships will allow you access to anything.
Don't agree? Maybe your network is dry.

12.   Black lives have always mattered.

13.   Pronounce my name correctly.
It’s a respect thing. I am who I am. And it starts with my name.

14.   Buy the domain to your name.
It's probably only like $5 on GoDaddy. 

15.   Show up to family and friend events.
How to improve your whack ass relationship management skills.

Bianca Jeanty | Tupac Cousin GIF

16.   If a relationship has went idle, put your ego to the side and fix it.
If you want it to be fixed.

17.   It’s okay that you’re not married yet.
I’m just not liking anymore engagement pictures on Facebook moving forward.

18.   Closure starts by taking responsibility for your actions.
Don’t depend on some else to validate how you feel. Own up to actions and move forward.

19.     Don’t scroll first thing in the morning.
You’re way more productive if you don’t. And trust me, you didn’t miss anything. Instagram tells you what you like now.

Source: Giphy

Source: Giphy

20.   There's no such thing as a crazy idea.

21.   You’re capable of making really good friends when you’re older.
Oprah and Gayle actually met when they were in their 20s.

22.   "No." is a complete sentence.

23.   Being vulnerable does not mean weakness.
Neither do tears.

24.   We spend a lot of time in our adulthood undoing some things we learned during our childhood.
No matter what, your parents or guardians did the best that they could. Thank them for that.

25.   Have standards.
And don’t allow dumb people to make you feel guilty about it.

26.   I’m not the next Oprah, Beyonce, Viola, Phylicia.
I’m Bianca.

Know Yourself. 

Bianca Jeanty