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Why it took me 2 years to put up a personal website

So, I purchased my domain in 2014. I had just started getting back on my feet post-graduation. I might have watched a few Master Classes on Auntie Oprah’s network. I got super motivated to put myself out there and take a risk. And after a month of planning on what internet personality I was going to take on, I realized—I was a hot mess, in real life.

Putting up a website (as a non-developer/web builder) is a task in itself. Now, add on the idea of building a fly personal page about how amazing I allegedly was...  Bro, I got so overwhelmed by the idea, I ended up taking a nap.

Tew much.

Tew much.

So two years later, after a mildly severe case of procrastination – I realized that I don’t have to be perfect.  My entire life—kindergarten through college*-- I’ve excelled at just about everything. I’ve been pretty aware of that for some time. But, honestly, being “perfect” isn’t all it’s cracked out to be anyway. There’s a level of expectation that you are held to be excellent at all times. That’s honestly a great “brand” to have but it’s unhealthy. My lack of room for error is partly why my journey in bouncing back was so difficult for the last 4 years of my life.

By all means, this isn’t necessarily a motivational post. More so a reminder that nobody really gives a ___ if you’re perfect. What you should care about is your level of work ethic and how it aligns with your skill and character--major key.

Since I’m a part of the DIY generation, I need to end this with a good line about taking some over the top risk on something like a business venture, or finding your passion … and maybe even catching an airfare glitch to Dubai.

[Bee Travels: That Time They Thought I Was A Prostitute in UAE]            

Scared Money Don’t Make No Money
— Urban Dictionary | Young Jeezy

(Congrats on your Billboard Award, Meek.)