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Reasons Why Your Network is Dry AF

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There always comes a time when you feel like you need a new job, you need a new hobby, a new bae ... maybe you're best friend is getting annoying so you need a temporary one to get by. *chuckle* I dont know, whatever your situation is, new circumstances typically calls for new measures. (Let me know if I lost you.) 

My biggest pet peeve during these conversations is this statement right here: "Oh, well. I don't know anybody. So..."

And furthermore, my response is as follows:

This goes for "extroverted" people as well. For me, I learned how to "network" based on survival. I graduated with a degree in Behavioral Sciences with the intentions of going to Dental School (more details on XoNecole #ShamelessPlug). I knew before graduation that I wasn't headed in that direction and the way I figured out how to get into media was solely based on OUTREACH. So let's consider why you're network needs a Shea Moisture Deep Condition:

1. You're Still in the House
This is more specifically during the colder seasons. We just received some back-to-back 80 degree weather in NJ. If you're looking for a new job, you need to leave your crib, no matter what the weather is. 

2. You Neglect Your Relationships
Because you forget to call back friends or not show up to functions, you're draining yourself of easy resources. Everyone has a friend that has a friend that knows somebody that can help you. Text your friends back.


3. You're Not Adding Value
If you feel your network is stagnant, maybe the ROI in your relationships is no where to be found because of you. Allow the universe to work in your favor and start helping folks. Good deeds come back in different forms. 

4. You're overlooking the relationships you already have (See #2).
Like, I said -- don't sleep on your peers. Relationship management is one of the hardest things to do these days. We're all busy and caught up in our own day-to-day. But I can guarantee you a quick check-in with an old college friend is reveal the gems you've been looking for. 

Stay woke and hydrated. 

Bianca Jeanty