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I Screwed Up At Work. What Do I Do Now?

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Life is peachy-keen after getting settled in on the job a few months in. You're making lots of work friends. You're drinking every Thursday and staying out late on school nights. You're a low-key wild child now in the Adulting world. 

It's not until you actually your manager calls you in the office is when you sober up (metaphorically); adult life can stress you if you let it. Everyone makes mistakes, and I believe that our Creator forgives us. Despite our Creator's Mercy, our boss will actually fire us if you don't get it together, boo. Don't you fret, I'm here to help. 

1. Own Up To It
Perfect example of error ownership is Steve Harvey. The memes generated on the internet quicker than Sprint service. I offered a chuckle from what the Twitter and Instagram streets had to offer. While everyone clowned Mr. Hightower, he did everything he possibly could have done in that moment. Owned it and apologized. 


2. Create a Boo-Boo Prevention Plan
Nothing worst than getting reprimanded for an error only for it to happen again. That's not only a sign of carelessness, but it shows ... you probably should of gotten fired. Again, we're human. Mistakes happen. But make sure you take the measures to restore your colleagues' faith in your work ethic. 

3. Be great, b. 
Yes, you messed up. Instead of you worrying about how the rest of your team may view you moving forward, consider the idea of leaving the past in the past. #MoveForward2016 is a real thing. If you honestly understand what you've learned, apply it and be great at what you do. You're in the position you're in because you earned it---period. Don't discredit yourself by overthinking circumstances that cannot be changed. Slay your goals. Finesse through the ranks and realize champs are recognized for their resilience. 

keep it cute.

keep it cute.

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