Bianca Jeanty
when grace meets spunk and ambition


"weakness of attitude becomes weakness of character"

Photography Credit: Diahnn Williams


Welcome, beloved.

I am Bianca Jeanty.

So where do I start? 

Jersey-girl with Haitian blood, I'm a marketing strategist
focused on brand elevation for consumers and small to medium sized businesses.
I'm one of the co-founders of Minorities in Media Connect (MiMConnect),
a dope networking platform for professionals of color in the media industry.
I'm an adventure junkie. So travel and high-energy experiences is my way of go-to way of experience culture.
In short, I'm into Digital, Media, & Culture

Multifaceted in experience, my background spans across advertising, business development and marketing through strategic partnerships.  However you got here, my goal is to leave you with a gem or two about connecting the dots with consumers and businesses alike as a mildly cultured millennial.

Honestly, I’m just as impressive as you are. Just to start my mornings, I read up on Seth Godin, drink 8oz of lemon ginger tea, and listen to Migos--all before 9AM. I share that information to remind you that it’s okay to be multifaceted in interests while maintaining your credibility—one of the biggest challenges I’ve learned thus far. 

I appreciate you stopping by. 

Check out my resume here and let's connect socially. 

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